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When we moved to Navajoland in August of 1996, we began working with Dr. Harold Noble in Steamboat Canyon, Arizona. Dr. Noble is the Navajo pastor of Bethel Navajo Baptist Church. We learned much during those months. After a while. Bro. Noble asked us to consider starting a church in the community of Tsaile. In March of 1997, we held our first meeting in this church planting endeavor.

Our philosophy is to start churches and then train local people to lead these churches. In the following pages, you will see and read about the history of the churches the Lord has allowed us to have a part in starting and leading. Solid Rock Baptist Church of Nazlini held their first service on July 29, 2012 and was chartered in August of 2013! By God's grace, our goal is to see ten new churches planted in the next 15 years. Solid Rock was the first of the ten.

A church has been planted in the border community of Chambers, Arizona (Chambers Baptist Church). Our son Joel and his family  planted this work. Our son-in-law, David Moncibaiz, is now the pastor of the work. It is indigenous and on its own! The work is growing and has a land site of three acres right on Interstate 40 (Exit 333). Pray for the continued growth of this work and for Bro. David and Esther as they lead it.

In July of 2015, Indian Wells Baptist Church began with a Vacation Bible School and Revival Meeting. Pray for Bro. Justin Barnett and family as they plant this work. Justin is married to Tiffany (Yazzie) who was saved as a young girl under our ministry. They recently acquired a house in Holbrook, Arizona. They are continuing to work on the church site in Indian Wells. In the future, there is a great possibility of starting another work in Holbrook.

Bro. Ryan Nez, a full-blood Navajo who has graduated from Ganado Baptist Bible College, is  a missionary-church planter. His first work is Old Paths Baptist Church in the Fort Defiance area near the Tribal Capital of Window Rock. The land site has two buildings now that are very close to completion. Bro. Ryan also pastors Newcomb Baptist Church in Newcomb, New Mexico. This work meets in the old Chapter House of the community, but they will be moving to a church building within the next year or so. Pray for both of these works and the Nez family!!

Bro. Aaron Nelson is a Navajo who is also a GBBC graduate. He and his family have started their first work in Crownpoint, New Mexico where Aaron is from. Pray for Bro. Aaron and Alirita and family as they build Crownpoint Baptist Church! They are currently looking for a building and housing for their family.

Our son, Joel, has started Strong Hold Baptist Church in the community of Pinon, Arizona. The two acre land site has two beautiful buildings. This is a community where three other church plants have failed. It is exciting to see this work thrive and grow. The Lord has great things in store for Pinon!

God is moving! Future works are planned for other areas of the Navajo Nation, including Jeddito, Arizona, and anywhere else the Lord might lead. God is moving in Navajoland! We are excited to be a part of it!